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AQD is an organization that aligns with those who seek to raise the bar for our facility partners by providing opportunities that advance each organization’s profitability and image, while attending to a highly clean indoor air quality which supports the critical mission of health and well-being.

Welcome to Air Quality Distributors, the premium line of passive air quality equipment from Indoor Air Quality Solutions.

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Proven Results

With the installation of the IAQ Solutions, the originally installed carbon filters were removed. There were no more odors from the outside air since the organic products were removed from the airstream. In addition to the air quality improvements, there are energy savings with the reduced air pressure drop which resulted in a decrease in the fan horsepower required.
In the future, more units are planned for other locations in the terminal. To increase energy savings, the addition of carbon dioxide sensors to control the percentage of outside air is in the planning stage.
John Garbacik, Delta Air Lines, Inc.