The Benefits in Healthcare

What the IAQs System does:

  • Produces hydroxyl radicals: Hydroxyl radicals are a natural cleansing agent found in the troposphere
  • Hydroxyl radicals reduce and oxidize biologics in the air stream such as mold, bacteria and viruses
  • Hydroxyl radicals do not migrate into the occupied space. GAP™ safely and effectively reduces biologics and concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds/Odors
  • “Green” technology allowing the potential to support attainment of LEED points
  • Converts toxic substances to benign
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Reduces asthma “triggers”
  • Improves “risk management” picture by reducing contaminants responsible for HAIs (nosocomial infections)

We are NOT ionizers.

  • We do not believe in magnetizing dirt so that it sticks in unwanted places, like draperies, walls or even lung tissue. We believe in removing contaminants, not rearranging them.

We are NOT ozone generators.

  • The EPA has exposed these products for what they are – potentially dangerous to people, pets, plants and latex rubber, to name a few. Our technology surpasses the oxidizing effect of ozone, without the irritation or danger.

We are NOT collectors or concentrators of gaseous elements.

  • We have advanced beyond activated carbon as the primary technology for removal of vapor-phase contaminants. We use Photocatalysis, which oxidizes and converts toxic substances to benign.

We avoid unwanted, irritating desorption or flammability, due to concentration.
We do NOT change the molecular structure of the air you breathe.